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Growing cannabis or hemp is a labor-intensive process. By the time you’re ready for harvest, you’ve invested considerable time and sweat equity. Unfortunately, many new farmers leave money on the table by not educating themselves on the best practices for harvesting their hemp. This is a delicate part of the process, and it is an easy way to lose an entire crop if you aren’t prepared. At LUX Leaf DX, we want you to get the most return on your investment. Read ahead to find out our best tips for cannabis harvesting. 

Trim Carefully

Harvesting begins with trimming, and it’s a fundamental step. There are a few approaches  

growers use, but both come with pros and cons. Wet trimming is a trimming that occurs right after harvest; this method is popular with novice growers. Wet trimming speeds drying time by reducing the amount of moisture in the foliage. Dry trimming is a method that involves drying your freshly harvested plants before pruning. This method takes more space and time and leaves you with more risks of damaging your plants, but it prevents excess terpene loss and minimizes the mess.  

Both methods are practical and valuable for different products. The most important thing is to find which way works best for you. 

Avoid Light During Drying

When it comes to cannabis, the best flavors are developed in the dark. Freshly cut plants are still full of chlorophyll which means they are actively trying to convert light into energy. Once the plants have been moved into a dark room for drying, the leaves are no longer exposed to light the plant’s energy is diverted into flowers for reproduction. Many growers don’t know that ANY amount of sunlight in a drying room degrades the THC quality. The best way to increase the flavor of your product and increase the quality of your yield is to use light deprivation techniques so that your room is completely dark until the plants are dry. 

Climate Control Matters

Investing in high-quality climate control is essential to cannabis harvesting. High-quality climate control will help you manage moisture and humidity in the air. If you have too much humidity and warm temperatures, your crop will deal with mold. If you have dry conditions and low humidity, this is an open invitation for spider mites. Keeping your drying area tightly controlled can protect your harvest. Unfortunately, even with a quality system, this isn’t a set it and forget it step; humidity fluctuates naturally based on the plants’ moisture content and the outdoor temperature. In addition, other factors like elevation, climate, and the size of your drying area can influence the temperature in your drying room; it sounds complicated. Still, it does not have to be difficult. Growers can install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and HVAC systems to keep conditions ideal. 

Ensure Ventilation

Air circulation is so essential when drying plants. It’s important to space out your plants; allowing the air to flow between branches and buds will help your plants dry faster.

Don’t Rush the Process

Many farmers rush the drying process, but this often leads to a rapid drop in profits when the quality of the product is compromised. The best method is to wait until your plants are ready, this means a minimum of two weeks, but many experts recommend two months or more. The longer you wait, the more enhanced the effects and flavor of the plant will be. Another common mistake new growers make is mixing freshly harvested plants in the same room as almost dried plants. This causes an imbalance in humidity levels and can delay drying times and even lead to mildew.

Find A Quality Lab For Testing

Crop testing is a vital part of ensuring a safe and high-quality product. Many growers feel anxious about working with labs, but we’re here to help! At LUX Leaf, we understand that your business depends on getting accurate information about your product, and we understand the evolving needs of this industry. We have heavily invested in quality equipment, software, and a nationwide courier network and streamlined our processes to enable our talented lab technicians to deliver quick results so you can make informed decisions about your crop. We desire to provide you with accurate results at every stage of your growth harvest and testing so you can be empowered to make the best decisions for your business.

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