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Consumers interested in cannabis products are growing wiser as the market develops. As more news stories of compromised products expose users to toxins ranging from mold to E. coli to heavy metals, users demand more testing from their manufacturers. Many are even taking steps to test their products before they are used to ensure they buy a clean product. 

Why are users wary of untested cannabis?

Medial marijuana consumers are on their own to assess the purity of their medicine in the absence of mandated testing. Significant risks are associated with all types of cannabis products becoming contaminated at every stage of growth and manufacturing. The dangers of using contaminated products result in deadly infections or significant health problems. Therefore, it’s understandable why users would want to verify that the products they are putting into their bodies are clean and free of unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. In the absence of mandated testing, many consumers have sought 3rd party testing for their preferred products. Consumers find that their peace of mind is worth the small investment needed. 

Why is the government getting involved?

In Maine, legislatures have been busy setting new regulations for cannabis products. The Medical Association has claimed that marijuana contamination is “one of the most significant risks” facing the legal market. Strong words, but true, considering threats can range from E. Coli poisoning to lethal lung infections. 

Do dispensaries approve testing?

Many consumers are surprised to find out that dispensaries approve of testing. This is because the dispensary owners and employees build relationships with their customers and want the best for them. Testing benefits consumers in two ways, first and foremost as protection for patients and consumers but secondly as a market equalizer. New laws force medical caregivers, farmers, and manufacturers to meet the same quality standards and pay the exact testing costs as dispensaries do. This evolution in the market cuts down on black market or gray market sales and establishes a safe market for everyone. 

Testing also leads to better-informed customers; many patients buy unlabeled cannabis oil unsure of the potency or dosage; it’s impossible to know without testing. Accurate testing shows accurate labels and informed customers. Unfortunately, people are getting sick in states where testing is not required. Right now, it’s easy for a manufacturer who might have a product ready to sell that fails the rigid laws in one state to sell their contaminated product in a different state with less strict rules in place. It’s a scary thought, especially since it is unknown what the long-term effects will be of using contaminated products. 

How to find a trustworthy lab?

When choosing a lab for your cannabis testing, you should look for a lab that provides accurate results. At LUX Leaf, we care about getting you accurate results quickly. Whether you are a consumer or a manufacturer, we understand the evolving needs of this industry. As a result, we have heavily invested in quality equipment, software, and a nationwide courier network and streamlined our processes to enable our talented lab technicians to deliver quick results for our clients.

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