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Mycotoxin Screening

Mycotoxin Screening

Cannabis and hemp can be contaminated with mycotoxins during processing, manufacturing, transportation, and storage. Humidity also dramatically increases the probability of mycotoxins colonizing and thriving. Mycotoxins are neuro-toxic, and if they are consumed or inhaled by someone with a weakened immune system, they can be deadly. This screen is integral to prove the safety of any hemp crop or final product.

What are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are toxins that occur in nature, commonly in molds and fungi. They can be found on various crops such as grains, nuts, fruits, and even coffee. Naturally, because of the farming conditions, it thrives in cannabis, and hemp crops are especially vulnerable to mycotoxins. In addition, it is widespread in humid conditions, which are especially conducive to microbial growth. Inhaling or ingesting mycotoxins are dangerous to humans and can cause all kinds of issues, from nausea to vomiting and, in extreme cases, death.

How Do You Test for Mycotoxin?

At LUX Diagnostics, we have found the most effective testing for mycotoxin is by using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. (Or LC-MS/MS).

Pathogens We Analyze

Aflatoxin B1

Aflatoxins are a dangerous group of mycotoxins. Commonly found in soil, decaying vegetation, they are a byproduct of mold. Cannabis is especially vulnerable because of its porous nature, and it’s not only vulnerable during the growing stage but in all stages of growth, harvest and storage. Aflatoxins are especially dangerous to children and can cause extreme health conditions such as liver cancer.

Aflatoxin B2

Aflatoxins are one of the largest groups of mycotoxins; Aflatoxin B2 is a highly poisonous carcinogen and mutagen commonly produced by mold. It is especially likely to be found in soil, growing decaying vegetation, hay, and grains. Aflatoxins can colonize and contaminate cannabis easily because of their absorb and nature. They are even commonly found in final products; cannabis is particularly vulnerable to this group of mycotoxins in all growth, harvest, and storage stages. This mycotoxin is extremely important to test for as it mainly affects children. Children exposed to these mycotoxins can deal with severe liver cancer, liver damage, delayed development, and stunted growth.

Aflatoxin G1

Aflatoxin is mainly affected by aflatoxin exposure. Common issues associated with this exposure are severe, such as stunted growth, delayed growth, liver damage, and liver cancer. A common misconception with cannabis testing is that cannabis products only need to be tested at harvest time. Still, Aflatoxins reinforce the importance of testing at every production stage as improperly stored cannabis products can be affected by this mycotoxin. Aflatoxin G1 is a byproduct of mold that can grow in soil, decaying vegetation, and grains. The aflatoxins can quickly colonize and contaminate improperly stored cannabis products, even final products.

Ochratoxin A

Ochratoxin A is potentially carcinogenic to humans. It is potentially neurotoxic and is mutagenic, although weakly. This can be a threat to humans and should be considered carefully. This mycotoxin is found in a wide variety of agricultural commodities. It can be found in cereal grains and dried fruits, as well as wine and coffee. It is produced by several different fungi and can be found within cannabis and hemp products.

Aflatoxin G2

Aflatoxins are particularly dangerous to children. Children affected by aflatoxin exposure may experience stunted growth, delayed development, liver damage, and even liver cancer. Aflatoxins are one of the major groups of mycotoxins. For example, aflatoxin G2 is a poisonous carcinogen and mutagen commonly produced by mold that grows in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, and grains. They colonize and contaminate cannabis and hemp plants before harvest or can also be found in improperly stored final products.

Innovative Technology

LUX LEAF Diagnostics

The answer is simple: Speed, Quality & Service. We are a nimble lab that has invested heavily in equipment, software, a nationwide courier network, and processes to enable our personnel to deliver results quickly for our clients. At the same time, we emphasize ensuring we have every lab test that matters to you with the highest quality results because speed is just a number without quality. With LUX LEAF, you can expect your results to be back quickly and accurately.
We want to be your partner and not just your lab. Your success is our success, so let’s grow your business together.


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