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Lab testing is being pushed hard in the cannabis industry with good reason. The amount of information provided to growers, processors, and retailers is impressive. In addition, the companies that are going the extra mile to get testing at each growth stage, harvest, and processing are quickly setting themselves apart. 

This valuable information can help farmers make needed adjustments, ensure safety for consumers and provide retailers with reliable potency, which translates into brand reliability and ultimately higher profits. Here are five things you might not know about third-party cannabis testing

They Are An Asset To Your Business

Many people are resistant to cannabis testing because it seems like more red tape and complications, but testing labs are a tremendous asset to your business. First, it’s important to realize they aren’t trying to stop you from selling your product; they are trying to help you identify issues before problems arise. They are highly equipped to identify a world of issues that can affect cannabis products and inform you at every stage of the process to feel confident in the safety and potency of your product.

They are also an asset to processors when calculating specific formulations. A third-party lab can help you regulate particular amounts of cannabinoids in your product. As a result, you can hit consistent results in batched products like edibles or oils. 

They Can Verify If Your Product Is Effective

Cannabis testing labs are one of the most critical safety features used in formulating medical and recreational cannabis products. Independent labs like LUX Leaf work hard to ensure that you’re selling a clean product with the exact potency you require. Often potency levels of THC can vary from plant to plant, making it hard for processors to create a consistent product; with testing, you can know for sure the exact measurements in your product. This consistency creates brand loyalty from customers and improves their user experience. 

Every product we test will receive a certificate of analysis detailing any possible contaminants and cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Unfortunately, because cannabis is so naturally absorbent, it’s so easy for these plants to absorb dangerous chemicals from their environment. However, everyone wants to provide a safe and potent product to their customers, and testing labs can give you that peace of mind. 

They Inform You If Your Products Are Clean

No matter what role you play in the cannabis industry, whether you’re growing, processing, or a consumer, you must work with clean plants. Cannabis is highly absorbent and can absorb heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials at dangerous levels. State laws concerning acceptable levels of these impurities vary from state to state, so it’s essential to have the lab results for your products if you plan on selling them in various places. LUX Leaf works with a nationwide courier service to ensure that we can get your products tested quickly and accurately and return the results quickly. 

They Want You To Be Successful

Third-party labs do not exist to slow down the speed of your business; they are built on the principle of transparency and help businesses with quality control. Reputable testing labs are well equipped to help you find the source of your problems and guide you toward solutions. At LUX Leaf DX, we’ve invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment, and we pride ourselves on quickly providing accurate results. We are invested in your success, and we want to partner with you as you grow your business. Call us today to learn more! 

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