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Many people in the cannabis industry assume testing labs will be a roadblock to their business growth. However, the truth is labs can help improve your business. Whether you’re a cultivator or a processor, third-party labs can look at the data that comes from your samples and help you prioritize the needs of your business. In addition, they are highly equipped with the tools, tests, and personnel to help you identify the issues in your plants and guide you by providing you with valuable knowledge moving forward. 

But they are also helpful when it comes to special formulations. In the cannabis market, unique products are hard to come by, and your 3rd party lab can be beneficial as you create new products. In addition, they can assist you as you build your formulas and help you to regulate specific amounts of cannabinoids in your products. Hence, you hit your desired consistent milligrams in each of your products. 

Labs are also a great equalizer among cannabis growers; large companies and small local businesses depend on independent lab tests, and the lab will treat you equally. Ultimately testing isn’t only about what’s happening with your plants; it’s about the quality of your product and its compliance with market standards. When you look for a third-party cannabis testing lab, we recommend you look for the following three things.


Accuracy in testing is an essential feature of any lab. We have invested heavily in our lab equipment to ensure the most accurate results. We have intentionally chosen only reputable lab technicians who are experienced and knowledgeable about the cannabis industry. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of science to ensure that we have all the necessary equipment to provide you with any test you need, and we stand behind our results. When you work with us, you can trust your results. We know how crucial 3rd party testing is for consumers as well as producers, and that’s why we’ve put such a high priority on accurate results. If you’ve had a negative experience with a testing lab in the past, call us today, we’d love to show you the difference working with a quality lab can make. 


Let’s face it the cannabis industry is ever-evolving. When your profit margin is dependent on making decisions in real-time that affect the health of live-growing plants, you need accurate lab results, and you need them immediately. We have a highly developed process to enable our personnel to deliver quick and reliable results to our clients. This is also why we’ve invested in a nationwide courier network; we know informing our clients quickly gives them valuable time to make critical decisions that can affect the future of their business. When you work with us, we’ll take your business seriously; contact us today to find out more. 


Unfortunately, nepotism is a common problem in the cannabis industry. That’s why it is essential to hold testing labs to a high standard of integrity. The best testing labs will offer detailed reporting with accurate results at fair prices. That’s precisely what you’ll find at LUX; we understand how tempting it can be to work with a discount lab for quick results, but unfortunately, in this industry, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many people are paying for inaccurate results. At Lux Leaf, we believe in providing the very best for our clients. The best product we can offer is accurate reporting to growers and manufacturers. We believe in integrity; contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. 

Working With A Quality Lab

At Lux Leaf, we care about doing business right. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in equipment, software, a nationwide courier network, and processes to enable our personnel to deliver results quickly for our clients. At the same time, we ensure we have every lab test that matters to you with the highest quality results because speed is just a number without quality. With LUX, you can expect your results to return quickly and accurately.

We want to be your partner and not just your lab. Your success is our success, so let’s grow your business together.

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