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At LUX Leaf, we know how important cannabis and hemp products are to be tested accurately. It is now more critical than ever to ensure that plants are being grown and manufactured to meet the standards set forth by state and federal guidelines. For farmers to comply with health and safety guidelines, it’s best to test the plant during all phases, including the growth period, to ensure your product is safe for processing and manufacturing. 

At LUX Leaf Diagnostics, we care about thorough and accurate testing. Multiple factors are essential during hemp testing. First, growers know that federal regulations are of the utmost importance and currently state that a plant’s THC levels must remain below 0.3% for a plant to be categorized as hemp. The only way to ensure a plant meets federal guidelines is to test it throughout the growing period. With adequate testing taken in the correct stages, the likelihood of a product being safe for consumers and ultimately making it in customers’ hands is much greater. We know your customer’s safety is the most important thing, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Testing Timeline

The testing timeline is an essential part of hemp product production. All growers must comply with state regulations when growing hemp and cannabis plants. If a plant tests above the legal limit for THC, the state requirements are to destroy the entire crop. This can be a costly and time-consuming problem for both growers and processors. Therefore, the testing process needs to begin early and continue testing throughout the growing period. To ensure accurate results, it’s best to test throughout the growing period, pre-harvest, and harvest time. 


Pre-Harvest testing is a crucial time to start testing for potency. Most growers develop a weekly or bi-weekly testing schedule; the information gained is critical for proper plant management and helps them make informed decisions moving forward. Because each plant’s composition can vary, testing more than once for the most accurate results is essential. It’s best for hemp growers to build testing into the business model from the start, and for the most accurate results, it’s best to take a representative sample of their plot and submit it for testing and plan to follow through with each plot they plant. Each grower should be familiar with their state’s guidelines for documenting this process. 


Although pre-harvest testing can give growers insight into their crop potency levels, harvest season is the time for growers to conduct complete panel testing of their crops. This testing typically includes detailed testing for pesticides, microbial, moisture, water content, etc. This testing is essential to track the plant’s safety for consumers and allows farmers to provide thorough information to processors regarding the details of the crop. 


Post-harvest is when the grower must provide the processor with all the needed information regarding the product. Thorough testing throughout the growing process and pre and post-harvest is the best way to supply processors with the most accurate information and avoid unfortunate surprises. Regular testing builds trust between growers and processors and allows businesses to move quicker, which results in higher profits for farmers. Of course, adequate testing also provides peace of mind for farmers, who can deliver a product with confidence, knowing they did everything to ensure the quality of the plant while it was in their care. 

Trust LUX Leaf Diagnostics With Your Hemp Testing

At LUX Leaf, we focus on two things, quality service, and quick results. We understand the need for fast and accurate results as this industry is constantly evolving. We have invested in the best equipment, software, a nationwide courier network, and streamlined our processes to enable our personnel to deliver results quickly for our clients.

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