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The retail cannabis industry is ever-changing; as technology evolves and more states legalize the use of cannabis, producers can invest heavily in customizing their products. In addition, because both CBD and THC can enter the body in so many ways, such as ingesting or smoking, or vaping, the number of products, flavors, and consumable goods is abundant. Although this article is not endorsing any of the products mentioned, we can shed light on some of the new products that are out there. 

Cookies and Treats

Just like nutrition bars are ever improving, the world of cannabis edibles is ever expanding. This industry hosts everything from small batch gourmet cookies and brownies to highly processed mass-produced cookies, bars, and savory snacks. Because of the wide variety of edible treats, it’s hard to know exact dosages or predict exactly what kind of effect they’re going to have. This can be a delicious new way to enjoy cannabis products, but we advise you to proceed cautiously. 

Skin Care

Cannabis products aren’t just for ingesting; as CBD became more widespread, more research is being done on the benefits of CBD in beauty products. And the results are impressive as they reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain from breakouts. It’s also excellent at soothing skin that suffers from eczema or psoriasis. So if you’re looking for new skincare products, it’s worth investigating. 

Sleep Aides

Of course, cannabis has a reputation for helping people relax. But those powers are now being harnessed to help people fall asleep. Many companies are infusing gummies with specific strains of THC and marketing this minor dose as a nighttime sleep aid. 


Cannabis Oil, namely CBD, really gained traction as a treatment for patients who have epilepsy. But its health benefits don’t stop there; it’s been shown to be helpful for pain relief, anxiety, and depression. However, skeptics resist the “cure-all” claims often attached to CBD oils. The number of products and strains allows for various combinations that can help with different ailments. 


Cannabis beverages are starting to hit the market more than ever. Cocktails that can be infused with cannabis or cannabis oil are still being developed. Still, many drink mixes and powders combine cannabis products with flavors paired with vitamins and electrolytes. The array of cannabis drinks allows customers to have a cocktail experience or more of an after-workout reset. You can even find cannabis cola or fruit punch in some major cities. It’s an exciting emerging market, and we expect it to continue to grow. 


Of course, brownies mixed with cannabis are not a new idea. However, the amount of products currently available is undoubtedly growing. Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity among people opposed to smoking or vaping; still, enjoying the effects of cannabis by changing up the snacks available in the pantry is a novelty. Also, cannabis-infused chocolate is trendy around the holidays as a gift item. 


Gummies are an excellent alternative for consumers who love edibles but don’t want to bake or don’t care for chocolate. Gummies are more popular with CBD and THC, but in many states, both are available. Gummies allow users to have various potencies and seemingly endless flavor options. Although it’s still unregulated, meaning it’s hard to determine how much CBD is within them, this popular product will only grow in popularity. 


Some people want to get to the point. If you’re not interested in chocolates or gummies, or maybe you prefer your cannabis products without the extra calories that come from sugary treats, capsules might be an excellent option. Capsules are more popular for those who aren’t looking for a snack with their cannabis. Or those who take cannabis products medicinally, which is a large part of the cannabis consumer population. This is a simple and effective way to ingest cannabis products, and we expect that the product lines will only improve moving forward. 

Dog Treats

Of course, you shouldn’t give large quantities of cannabis to your pets. But many dogs are negatively affected by anxiety, contributing to the industry dedicated to creating CBD products specifically for pets. Various drops, capsules, and meaty treats are infused with CBD to help your pup feel a little more zen. 

Strain-Specific Infused Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are not a new product, but as strains are being bred for specific effects and results, more specialty infusions are being made available for pre-rolls. If you’re looking to try something new, speak to the professionals at your local dispensary who will be able to educate you on all the latest products available. 

Consumer Education

Of course, the professionals at your local dispensary will be able to answer your basic questions about cannabis products and stains. But when it comes to product safety, it’s best to do your research. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s hard for the legislature to keep up with all the possible safety issues associated with cannabis use. Lux Leaf is here to help; we provide cannabis testing to consumers, farmers and manufacturers. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make informed choices. We want you to feel confident that the products you’re using are safe; that’s why we invested heavily in our lab equipment and highly trained staff. We can test your product and give you accurate information about possible contaminants quickly and efficiently. If you have questions about how to set up product testing, call us today. 

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